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Explore our video library to learn more about how physiatry can help transform patient experiences and outcomes in acute and post-acute care settings.

Latest videos

Check out the latest insights from our experts in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R).

Medrina Team Testimonials

Two Medrina Physiatrists and one Advanced Practice Provider speaking about their positive experience working with Medrina.

Your Partner in Progress: Medrina's Support for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Find out how Medrina is redefining the standards of care within Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our full suite of services, including Physiatry, PDPM, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Care Coordination, are driving improved outcomes and value-based care.

How Physiatry Can Help You

Physiatrists bring a unique perspective, an additional physician presence, and collaborative support alongside your Primary Care, Nursing, and Therapy teams.

The Value of Physiatry in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our CMO, Dr. Steve M. Gnatz, MD, MHA was invited to Skilled Nursing News' Rethink 2022 conference for a discussion highlighting the value of physiatry in subacute rehab. 

Medrina's Mission: Optimizing Post-Acute Care

Medrina represents our commitment to providing the highest quality care and unparalleled expertise in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Watch our video to learn more about our journey and vision for the future!

The Power of Collaboration: Why Physiatrists Choose Medrina

Providing A Best Life Through Personalized Medicine

What Is Physiatry? (and better do you say it?:)

NHR Physiatry

Explore the world of Subacute Rehab with National Health Rehabilitation.
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