Rediscover the Joy of Physiatry

We believe that experienced physicians deserve a rewarding and fulfilling career opportunity where they can thrive and rediscover the joy of practicing medicine. As a physician-led organization, we understand your unique needs and aspirations. Our mission is to create lucrative opportunities for physiatrists like you, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—delivering excellent patient care.

We recognize that many physicians are currently facing overwhelming challenges and feelings of underappreciation. The demanding and rigid hours, coupled with the constant 24/7 call schedule, can be exhausting. The burden of administrative tasks and interference from third parties can also drain the enjoyment of patient care. 

At Medrina, we firmly believe that doctors should never be forced to prioritize quantity over quality.  We offer a supportive environment that helps you address scheduling and administrative burdens, unpredictable payments, and diminishing reimbursements. Here's what sets us apart:

Physician-Led Leadership
Our leaders are also physiatrists who understand the challenges you face firsthand. We are committed to creating an environment that supports your professional growth and personal well-being. With Medrina, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from leaders who share your passion for rehabilitative medicine.

Lucrative Opportunities and Freedom
At Medrina, we believe that physicians should be able to do what they love and have the freedom to focus on what is most important—delivering excellent patient care. We provide lucrative opportunities that enable you to thrive both professionally and personally. With us, there are no weekends or mandatory calls—unless you want them. You'll have complete autonomy and flexibility with your schedule, allowing you to strike a healthy work-life balance.

Competitive Compensation and Employment Options
We value your expertise and dedication, which is why we offer highly competitive compensation packages. Whether you prefer an independent contractor or a salaried position, we have options that suit your preferences. Additionally, we provide extensive physician-to-physician training and support to ensure you have the resources you need to excel in your role.

Comprehensive Support Services
Say goodbye to the heavy administrative burden that often plagues physicians. At Medrina, we provide comprehensive support services to handle administrative tasks, billing, compliance, coding, and financial reporting and analytics. Our goal is to remove the obstacles that hinder your ability to focus on patient care, allowing you to get back to the work you were trained to do—rehabilitative medicine.

Professional Growth and Leadership Opportunities
We believe in fostering professional growth and recognize the value of community leadership and education. With Medrina, you'll have opportunities to become a community leader and educator, sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. We offer convenient locations and a friendly work environment that promotes collaboration and mutual support among our team of physiatrists.

Patient-Centered Focus
At Medrina, we understand that the heart of your work lies in maximizing functional outcomes and improving the patient care experience. As an experienced physician, you are a key and invaluable member of our interdisciplinary team. Your day-to-day work allows you to spend quality time with each patient and their families, making a lasting impact on their lives. We appreciate the crucial role you play in rehabilitative medicine and provide the support you need to deliver the best care possible.


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We are dedicated to transforming the post-acute care practice and making it more fulfilling and rewarding for experienced physicians like you. Join us and unlock a world of opportunities where you can focus on what you love—delivering exceptional patient care—while we handle the rest.

Visit our careers page or speak with our recruiters to learn more about the exciting career possibilities that await you at Medrina. Together, let's redefine the future of post-acute care and reignite the passion in your medical practice.

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