The role of a physiatrist in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is vital to overall patient care. Within post-acute care settings, including SNFs, these medical specialists enhance the short-term nursing and long-term rehabilitation care needed to improve patient quality of life and outcomes.


How We Help SNFs

At Medrina, we understand that every skilled nursing facility has unique needs. As part of our high-quality rehabilitative care, we'll make sure you are matched with the perfect physiatrist based on your specific needs. Here's how we help:

Diagnose and Develop Patient Care Plans
A physiatrist is a medical professional trained to focus on the overall functioning of a patient. Along with medical school, they go through four additional years of postdoctoral residency training. This education equips them with the skills needed to do everything from recommending therapy modalities and managing pain to prescribing medications. To ensure each patient receives the care they need, our physiatrists design tailor-made care plans.

Deliver Organized Treatments 
A physiatrist provides organized treatments to improve a patient's care and physical functional capabilities. This holistic approach can include different specialties, ranging from prosthetics to occupational therapy. Treatments can focus on various goals, including enhancing mobility, restoring strength, and improving quality of life.

Collaborate With Specialized Professionals 
A skilled nursing physician doesn't work alone. To deliver the most comprehensive care, they will collaborate with many different specialized professionals. This level of collaborative support ensures each patient can achieve the best health outcome.

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Patient Benefits

Decrease Hospital Readmissions

With the additional expertise of a rehab physician, patients will receive the rehabilitative care plan they need to regain functional ability and thrive at home.

Reduce Fall Risk

Through increased physician presence, there is a decreased chance of falls. This risk is minimized through consistent observation and communication with the therapy, nursing, and primary care teams. 

Improve Patient Experience and Outcomes

Overall, our services result in a 96% satisfaction score following discharge. Both patients and family members will experience an enhanced skilled nursing experience throughout the entire healing process.

Skilled Nursing Facility Benefits

Here at Medrina, we understand the many challenges that skilled nursing facilities face. Whether your rehabilitation program is striving to deliver higher-quality care or provide rehabilitation services more efficiently, we can help you reach your unique goals.

  • Take advantage of professional medical care without hiring additional staff.
  • Implement solutions to address issues and challenges ranging from length of stay to readmission rates.
  • Gain the additional support you need with rehabilitative treatments and an increased physician presence.
  • Achieve a safer and more complete discharge.

Why Choose Medrina?

When you choose Medrina, you can experience peace of mind knowing that we provide a full-scale physiatry program with no gaps in care or additional administrative burden. We are a physician-run company committed to taking a holistic approach to care.

As the nation's largest physiatry group, we can support your skilled nursing facility through our dedicated weekly programs. Your patients will have quality, consistent care while all back-end operations are supported by our clinical operations team.


Learn More About Our Services

Are you interested in learning more about how our skilled nursing facility rehab services can benefit your patients? We invite you to reach out today to learn how we can help you find the perfect physiatrist for your facility.

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